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Web site disclaimers

I. Web site use general and particular legal terms (GC & PC).

Any natural or legal entity accessing this web site becomes user, making use of services and contents exclusively for private purposes only and/or as present customer or potential one of GarcĂ­a Forestal, S.L.; to the exclusion of any following usage mode of these under a profit-making scenario or giving in any benefit, direct or indirect.

The user, merely entering this web site, fully and unreservedly accepts thesepresent general terms, as well as particular ones, for certain contents and services usage, which will be known and accepted by user previously to their use. Those particular terms can fully or partially substitute, complete and/or modify all agreed on general terms.

II. Web site´s object.

When accessing web site, the user can make use of a variety of contents and services which will be provided either by GarcĂ­a Forestal or third-party suppliers, under terms determined for these.

Web site access is free of charge, not requiring previous authorization, subscription or registering, except for those specific services and contents aimed to García Forestal´s customers, properly established on these general and particular terms. The user must only comply with these following technical features to get benefited from web site usage: «Internet Explorer 9+», «Firefox», «Chrome» or «Safari», under a minimum resolution of 980.

García Forestal might unilaterally modify without prior warning, web site´s provision, configuration and content, as well as usage terms and access to services provided.

García Forestal informs to its customers, that «on-line»fully contracting of offered services by García Forestal in this web site, it is simply not possible, as a result of particular conditions contracting of those services. Only those performances, proceedings and applications which execution may be done through the Garcia Forestal´s web site, can be resolved«on-line», for adequacy to used means.

III. Web site´s contents.

Generally, services and contents offered through this web site, will be availablre in Galician and Spanish.

Through this web site all services and contents typical of GarcĂ­a Forestal and all other companies or organizations partnered or shared in by it, such as Associations, Entities or service and content suppliers, outside of it, accessible through a URL link, may be accessed.

GarcĂ­a Forestal reserves the right to keep, exclude or modify, contents and services provided through the web site, without previous warning to users.

IV. User´s Rights and Obligations.

Merely for accessing this web site, the user, natural or legal entity end-addressee of services and contents, acquires these following obligations, rights and prohibitions.

IV.I. Rights and obligations.

The user might and, where appropriate, will be obliged to:

  • To access, free of charge and without any previous authorization or registering, to the web site´s contents and services, without prejudice of technical and particular conditions specified and related to specific services and contents, aimed to GarcĂ­a Forestal´s customers, as determined at these GC or at the PC of those services.
  • To use services and contents available exclusively for a private usage. The GarcĂ­a Forestal´s customers-users will have right to make use of services set for this purpose at the web site.
  • To make a correct and legal use of web site, according to updated legal regulations, observing moral, decent customs and public order..
  • To bring any content or inappropriate use opposite to law and fundamental and third-party freedom rights to webmaster administrator´s attention, or meaning a declared harm for correct web site´s performance and its users.
  • To not make use of services and contents provided by this web site with unlawful purposes, rights detrimental and third-parties freedom rights, or damaging, harming or impeding in any way , access to them, on GarcĂ­a Forestal or third party prejudices, more importantly of GarcĂ­a Forestal´s customers.
  • To not partially or fully make use of services to promote, sell, contract, publicity or information spread on their own or third-party entities usage, with no previous authorization.
  • To set up appropriate technical security means , to avoid unwanted in their Information System, being aware that Internet in not a fully-safe means.
  • The web site user will answer personally of harm and damages of any nature caused to GarcĂ­a Forestal, directly or indirectly, by failure to comply any duties followed from this GC or any other regulations this web site functioning is ruled by. Likewise, the user will answer directly, indirectly or in a subsidiary way by any arisen damage or lost profit, derived from copyright infringement of legal authoring.

IV.II. Prohibitions.

Under any circumstances the user can:

  • To introduce contents or information committing outrage against fundamental rights and public freedoms.
  • To incite or foster illegal actions, xenophobic, terrorists or degrading in terms of ageing, sex, religion or personal beliefs.
  • To promote contents or pornographic services, obscene, violent or committing outrage against law, moral o health and natural customs.
  • To execute any action connoting copy, operate, distribute, public spread or any other similar action, fully or partially involving web site contents, without previous in writing authorization of GarcĂ­a Forestal, or the third-party owning copyright and industrial rights.
  • To insert URL links to this web site, others than those exclusively limited to the home page access.
  • To fully or partially operate in another web , web pages from this web site or links available on it.
  • To create «browser», or generate a «border environment»on the web site and links accessible though it.
  • To realize any action impeding or hampering web site access by users, specially those customers of Garcia Forestal, as well as to third-party services and contents links offered by this web site.
  • To use this web site as Internet access gate, to commit illegal actions or opposite to law in force, moral, healthy customs or public order.
  • To include or introduce any software malware, either benign or malicious, or any other software, code or computer app capable of causing damages or non-authorized changes, of contents, programs or systems accessible, through services provided at the web site, or their users.
  • To make use of trademark or names, as well as any other identifying sign subject to copyrights or industrial rights, without previous in writing authorization of its legal owner.

V. Rights and obligations of GarcĂ­a Forestal.

GarcĂ­a Forestal reserves the following rights:

  • To modify web site access conditions, technical or not, in a one-sided way and without forewarning to users.
  • To set up PC and, where appropriate, the requirement of a price or any other requirements, to access certain services, specially services aimed to GarcĂ­a Forestal´s customers.
  • To limit, exclude or condition, user´s access, when this results unlawful or opposite to set-up conditions for them
  • To modify, suppress or update, fully or partially contents or services offered through the web site, with no forewarning needed.
  • To undertake any legal legal or court action, needed for protecting GarcĂ­a Forestal´s rights as well as third-party ones, devoting their services or contents through the web site, as far as it results appropriate.
  • To call for proper compensation, derived from improper or illegal use, of fully or partially-given services and contents through this web site.

VI. Exemption and limitation of responsability.

GarcĂ­a Forestal is exempt of any liability on these following cases:

  • For web site unavailability, on being due to external causes outside the scope of control, coming directly or indirectly from this, as well as claims made for impossibility or deficiency on web site use, in terms established.
  • Availability and conditions, technical or others, to access services and contents given by third-parties through this web site.
  • Any information and contents announced, transmitted, hosted, or exhibited through services and contents offered at this web site by third-party users or providers.
  • Any lack of accuracy, reliability or lawfulness on the information included, on not being devised directly by GarcĂ­a Forestal, being found on third-party web sites or outside the scope of this web site, and its usage terms.
  • Any hyperlinks or links included at the web site, not complying with the contract terms established for them, as well as contents resulting illicit or opposite to moral or healthy customs.
  • Any treatment or post-usage of personal data undertaken by third-parties outside GarcĂ­a Forestal, as well as adequacy of information requested by them.
  • Quality and speed access to the web site and technical conditions to be fulfilled by users, in order to access the web site and its services.
  • Damages that third-party services or products might cause, announced or provided for users, by themselves or through this web site.

VII. Copyright and ownership.

The user is aware that contents and services offered through this web site, are protected by «Copyright», authoring and private ownership, that where appropriate fall to García Forestal as well as third-party and suppliers, being exclusively its ownership.

Services providing and content publishing through the web site, it will not imply under any circumstance the release, resignation or transmission, total or partially, of respective copyright and ownership rights. The usage, under any form, fully or partially of web site content, is subject to previously authorization request from its author and acceptance of corresponding license, where appropriate.

Under no circumstances, the user might made usage or use of services or products and contents distributed through the web site, on not being exclusively personal.

The infringement of copyright and ownership rights by user, is subject to the corresponding legal and court liability by any use outside those allowed, denoting a rights damage, either existing or not benefits for it, as well as the constraint of any arisen damage and loss of profit resulted from infringement committed.

The trademark GarcĂ­a Forestal and thecorresponding logo or graphic designs are all registered trademarks and its reproduction or use is prohibited if not properly authorized by legal owners.

VIII. Legislation and Jurisdiction.

This present GC wil be ruled by the spanish law.

On any dispute arising with García Forestal by web site services and contents utilization will be subject to these terms, both parties, renouncing expressly to any other court system, to A Coruña´s Courts (España).

For any doubt or suggestion arising related to afore-mentioned use conditions, anyone can reach us, by writing addressed to Customer Care Department at García Forestal, calle Juan Flórez nº 129 8ºderecha, 15.005, A Coruña, España or email to

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