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The group of corporations García Forestal, through the subsidiary WOOD CHIPS GALICIA S.L.U., holds capacity to supply high –quality wood chips for energy services. The wood chips from forest logging operations carried out in the region, are put through sieving, refinement and drying processes, with the objective of achieving the highest quality to be used as bio-fuel.

The manufacturing mill located at SigĂĽeiro (Oroso municipality), counts on a forced drying system to diminish the wood chips moisture, with an output capacity of 40,000 tonnes (25% water content).

From this mill we supply wood chips to the whole region of Galicia, either the residential or the industrial sectors, doing the distribution by sliding floor trailers (45-90 m3) for tilting or pneumatic systems unloading for silos where a tilting operation is not possible.

To execute this project Wood Chips Galicia was funded by JESSICA-F.I.D.A.E Fund (Energy Saving and Diversification), fund co-financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the IDAE (Institute for the energy Saving and Diversification).


“Smart manufacturing and innovative logistics of forest-based biomass for energy use”.

Under resolution of October 5th 2016 of The Innovation Agency from Galicia, financial aid for “ENERBIOLOG” project was approved in the “Conecta Pyme” program frame.

This project is being implemented by a consortium of private companies formed by GarcĂ­a Forestal S.L. and Wood Chips Galicia S.L.U., both owned by Grupo Garcia Forestal, in addition to Biomasa Forestal S.L. and Indutec Ingenieros S.L.U.

The general project´s goal is to optimize the processes along the value chain of forest biomass used for energetic purposes to obtain quality and easy to use solid biofuels at the lowest economic and energetic costs through the development and validation of innovative logistics formats as well as the application of real-time monitoring techniques in the Smart Manufacturing workframe.

This project has been supported by the “Economy and Industry regional administration” and the financial aid has been co-financed through the European Regional Development Funds (FEDER).

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