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What is a ESCO?

What is a ESCOTitulo foto

It is a firm providing energy services on the facilities of an end-user, being payment attached to energy savings milestones.

We undertake the necessary investments on immovable assets and sell our customer the energy yielded, guaranteeing the user a saving over the former expenditure, and establishing a long-term -10/12 years- contract. This business model affords savings to the end-users not compromising any investments, key nowadays taking into account the current economic juncture.

These savings will be achieved by developing improvements on the facilities’ efficient energy use or through the use of renewable energy sources.

The end-user as customer obtains:

  • A reduction on their energy expenditure
  • Quality of service guarantee, as well as costs stability
  • Energy conservation improvement, yielding energy saving and reducing emissions
  • Avoiding risks and securing results, passing on energy management to experts
  • Improving image

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