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García Forestal sets up a wood chip manufacturing mill for biomass supplying

Through its subsidiary Wood Chips Galicia starts up at Sig√ľeiro a new facility for wood chips drying and making aimed at energy uses, with an output capacity of 40,000 Tn/year.

García Forestal corporate Group has set up, through its subsidiary WOOD CHIPS GALICIA S.L.U., a new project aimed to generate added value to wood, by energy use as biomass for heating production.

Giving response to the growing demand of a new market is behind the last aim of this project, as result of an increase on heating facilities using forest biomass as fuel, either on the residential or tertiary sectors, even industrial.

The project lays on building a new dry and making of wood chips (biomass) aimed to energy purposes.

To execute this project Wood Chips Galicia was funded by JESSICA-F.I.D.A.E Fund, fund co-financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the IDAE (Institute for the energy Saving and Diversification).

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