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García Forestal announces a biomass hub at the Port of Ferrol facilities

The G.F. project to build up a biomass hub at the Port of Ferrol facilities has been backed up by 2 million euros from the Ministry of Industry. This main financial asset is part of the financing line that this Ministry has provided to support industrial restructuring at the most disadvantaged zones in Spain, more specifically Galicia.

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This project setup at the Port of Ferrol will be aimed to bring out all biomass G.F yields at its logging operations. Moreover the company pursues to use this terminal as a distribution hub for biomass coming into Europe, which next year’s demand is expected to observe a significant rise, therefore requiring of harbor facilities as these planned.

Currently the development of this venture goes on a par on attracting customers and investors guaranteeing success for these facilities. During 2014, based on contacts carried out, the company estimates to settle several agreements some of them already in progress.

As regards to Port of Ferrol:

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