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García Forestal´s FSC certification debut

Throughout September 2013, G.F. rounded off the process required by the FSC´s auditing firm. This newly created group fulfills with company´s requirements to become a certified woodfuel supplier under both main current standards available, FSC and PEFC.

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FSC - Forest Stewardship Council-, is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests, sanctioning and vouching for global forest certification.

Main FSC role being to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. People and organizations looking for wood, paper and other forest products sustainable consume can apply for the FSC certification of their products. FSC accreditation is also used to prove sustainable forest management practices.

This NGO was founded at Toronto in 1993 under several governmental, environmental and commercial organizations sponsorship, such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Main decisions are taken through the Assembly, which gathers in a three-year basis and it is set up under a three chamber schedule: environmental, social and economic. A Board of directors takes responsibilities under a FSC´S members committee supervision, while an executive director teamed up with a multicultural and professional team leads FSC on a daily basis at its headquarter offices.

Throughout advisory processes, FSC comes up with standards and policies for sustainable forest management practices while sanctioning and qualifying certification bodies as the only ones authorized to issue FSC certificates.

Any wood products company or any other interested on become a FSC certified organization, therefore accredited to FSC´s logo legal use, ought to firstly reach an official and authorized FSC representative. These entities- Certification Bodies - will proceed to examine all iin course practices, and proceedings regarding the forest resource in use. The final goal is no other than to make sure that all products coming out of forest comply with standards requirements issued by the FSC logo printed on them; a chain of certified inspectors guarantees monitoring for all products from forest to end-consumers delivery.

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