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We consist of a group of companies more than 40 years old, specialized on guaranteeing raw forest products supply to our customers for mainly manufacturing cellulose pulp, power and heating energy, pellets as well as any kind of products where forest-based raw material might be needed.

Our activities take place mainly at the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. More than 50% over the 35 million tonnes yielded in Spain come from this area, where more than 9 million tonnes are chopped out yearly, meaning our activities involve around 5% of that output, which poses us leaders of forest sector at the Iberian Peninsula.

We have achieved an upright integration on all processes needed for the forest products supplying, starting from plantations, forest maintenance, certification, harvesting and subsequent delivery to our customers at any location required, inside or outside the Iberian Peninsula, mostly at the European markets.

García Forestal is responsible of woodlots purchase to forest landowners and subsequent commercialization of raw forest products to our buyers. García Forestal Servicios Forestales y Transportes, S.L. are responsible of logging tasks, including forest mensuration, certification, plantations and forest maintenance tasks. The autonomy of these corporate subsidiaries allows us to gain on competitiveness and efficiency, boosting those areas more profitable based on our own resources. On top of road transport, our company make use of its licenses at the main ports and railway stations in northern Spain, where we carry out harbor and railway services as part of our activities, from cargo handling to shipping and freight trains management, therefore we can offer our products anywhere in the world where those happen to be more price-competitive, currently being Europe.

Forest certification constitute a main goal for us, currently attending our buyer¬īs needs with 100% forest certified products.

Transparency and corporate excellence permanent search are also highlighted milestones for our firm, goals partly fulfilled through the implementation of a SAP technologies while also being audited by a main leading firm, PWC.

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